Our Products

A wholesale phone number platform that enables telephone companies to buy SIP DID and trunking.

Virtual Telephone Line
Virtual Telephone Line is an enhanced call forwarding service, that allows a user to take a number from Egypt and forward it to any other number, anywhere in the world.

Carrier X
A wholesale only minutes telecoms who wish to provide Call Termination  to Egypt.

IP-PBX, your phone at your fingertips.

Phone 2 Net
Phone 2 Net offers Sip Trunking / DID number services over SIP, H323 and IAX2.It also terminates calls to Instant Messaging Software like Google, MSN, and Gizmo Project.

Super Phone
Super Phone also gives you a SIP and IAX2 account for using with any SIP ata or softphone.

SuperIVR offers hosted voice IVR/ information service with the call capacity you need, without you installing hardware or software at your premises.

Global SMS
A platform that interfaces the web with SMS in Egypt. It gives APIs and web services to developers to create applications using SMS. The software can be implemented in developed and emerging countries.

Super VPN
Secure, private and anonymous access to the internet is getting more difficult. Are you worried that everything you say and do on the internet is being watched or recorded? Super VPN offers a private VPN solution through High Speed Access using servers located in Egypt and countries all over the world.

Health Management System
Store medical history online and retrieve it as needed via the Internet. It’s a great tool for medical personnel and their patients, health records, disaster preparedness, and disaster recovery teams.

School Management System
School Management System assists administrators and teachers with daily activities and keeps parents up-to-date on their children’s progress.

Building Management System
Building Management System creates a private intranet for residential buildings whether apartment complexes, a private subdivision or other. Share, organize, discuss, and manage everything that is essential to a residential community.

Human Resource Management System
HRMS is a human resource and personnel management software. The system helps leaders and team members to effortlessly manage the most important asset – the people who work with you!

Card Manager
Card Manager Store and share your Business cards online. Its Free And Secure.

Visa Management System
A travel experience begins with a visa application when traveling to a specified country. When a visa application is easy, it makes the first good impression about that country on the travelers mind.

Task Manager
Task Manager is useful, fast and easy to use application for organizing a person or group of people and their work. It’s simple and intuitive interface assists users to manage their time more wisely.

GSM Telemetry
Remote Monitoring and Control application while the rest gives Exemys.