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Egypt Finally Gets VoIP Service

Trans Global Communications, which is merging with eGlobe, has received approval to provide voice-over IP (VoIP) services in cooperation with government telecom Telecom Egypt.

The Egyptian market currently generates $2.5 billion in international telephone revenues, and the new VoIP service will bring an additional pathway for calls in and out of Egypt. eGlobe and Trans Global will provide the service jointly even before completion of the merger.

According to a statement from the Ministry of the Communications & Information in Cairo, the service is expected to be implemented gradually, though no specific target dates were announced.

“I am pleased to offer the newest of technologies allowing our people to more efficiently and economically access the global marketplace,” said Ahmed Nazif, Egypt’s Minister of Communications.

“The Egyptian approval is a significant milestone for eGlobe and Trans Global,” said Christopher Vizas, chairman and chief executive officer of eGlobe.

“Not simply because it initiates another strong partnership with a national carrier and not just because it expands our global IP network, but because it reflects the combined strengths of eGlobe and Trans Global — we successfully combined efforts in the negotiation and implementation of this project.”

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