Virtual Telephone Line
Virtual Telephone Line is an enhanced call forwarding service, that allows a user to take a number from Egypt and forward it to any other number, anywhere in the world.Virtual Telephone Line works over regular phone line service, because the long-distance costs have reduced over time. It is also possible for a Virtual Telephone Line to be set to ring to a SIP, IAX2 or IP address .

Super Phone
Super Phone also gives you a SIP and IAX2 account for using with any SIP ata or softphone.

Super Fax
Super Fax is a Fax 2 email service, that allows you to own a fax number, without a fax machine. The Sender will send you a fax via his Fax machine and you will end up getting the fax in your email, no matter where in the world you are.
Signup Now and get a Fax Number in Paris, Los Angles, London, USA or Egypt for Free for a week. And See how it works.

Super Phone Direct
Super Phone Direct allows you to make Unlimited Calls from any of the numbers below, to anywhere in the world at our low per Min Charges.You do not have to enter any PIN Code’s, as your caller ID is used as your identification.

Super VPN
Secure, private and anonymous access to the internet is getting more difficult. Are you worried that everything you say and do on the internet is being watched or recorded? Super VPN offers a private VPN solution through High Speed Access using servers located in Egypt and countries all over the world.