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Your SMS gateway

Welcome to EarthSMS

  • Setup your own SMS Gateway, anywhere in the world.
    EarthSMS allows you to setup a sms gateway of your own for any function, anywhere in the world, without any static IP address.
    Just download the gateway, run it on any computer with any internet connection, and its up and running.


  • Setup a Twitter or Facebook Gateway in your country.
    Allow people to post message from SMS in your country, just install the software, and give us permission to use it as a twitter gateway, and your gateway is up and running.


  • Link your web site or software with SMS service, using our API and web services.
    Earth sms gateway software allows you to send and receive SMS from your application, so you can send reminders, bills, or anything else via sms to your customers, using our software, and your own sim card and phone set.


  • Bulk SMS Service
    You can use Earth SMS with your own phone or gsm modem, and send bulk sms’s from earth sms.
    The software and gateway is free of charge, and you can use it as much as you want, when you use your own phone.
  • Free SMS Service
    Earth SMS currently allow you to send 25 Msg a day and receive 100 msg a day for free to create your own applications that can send and receive sms’s.

Compatible GSM Modems/Phones

The following models are reported to be compatible:

EagleTec: GSM modems. Fargo Maestro 20.
ITengo: 3000, WM1080A.
Janus: GSM864Q.
Nokia: 6070, 6100, 6210, 6310, 6310i, 6230, 6230i, 6681, 8250, 8310, 6610, 6800, 7210, 6810, 7250i, 6103, 6020, 3220, 6822, 5140, 5140i, 30 (terminal).
Multitech: Multimodem GPRS (SMSLib for Java can also drive the Multitech Multimodem via its IP port).
Sharp: GX30, GX32.
Siemens: MC35i, M35, M50, M65, C45, TC35i, C65, M55, TC65t. SIMCOM Ltd: SIMCOM_SIM100S.
Sony Ericsson: K300i, SE K800i, K700i, K750i, SE W850i, W880i, GC89, Z550a, W800, W580i, W810, i320, GT48. Ubinetics: GDC201.
Wavecom: M1206B, M1306B, WMOD2 Wismo, Fastrack Supreme 10, WISMOQCDMA CDMA.
Huawei: E220 (may require the forced setting of SMSC address), E230.
Teltonika: ModemUSB.
Motorola: V3, L6.
Samsung: D520.
Samba: 55-SET GSM/GPRS USB modem.
Rogers: ZTE 636 USB ‘rocket’ modem.
Falcom: USA Samba 75 GSM/GPRS/EDGE (Model MC75)
BandLuxe: HSDPA c-120

Incompatible GSM Modems/Phones

The following models are reported to be incompatible:
Nokia: All Symbian models (they partially work or don’t work at all).
Nokia: 6131, 5610 XpressMusic.
Blackberry: 8700g.
Motorola: G18 GSM Modem.