Building Management System

Building Management System creates a private social intranet for your residence. Share, organize, discuss and manage everything that is essential to your residential community .

Get to know neighbors  manage feedback, broadcast announcements, book facilities, send reminders, generate revenue, earn reward points and lots more .

These are just some of the empowering features of Building Management System,

why every residential community should use Building Management System ?

  • Unity In Community
    Building Management System puts unity back into your community via the collaboration and communication features that enables residents to share and connect without compromising privacy. Share feedback, photos, send messages, add friends and more .
  • Take Control
    Manage your community and get things done in a few clicks. Broadcast announcements, send notice or billing reminders with outstanding statements to individual residents, manage facility bookings and track visitors that come into your residence .
  • Get Rewarded
    Motivate your residents to connect and collaborate more often by rewarding them with points for reading announcements, add friends, posting feedback and more. The reward points can be used to redeem gift cards from Amazon, Ebay and many more .
  • Make Money
    Get shops in your neighborhood to advertise on your community private business directory listing. Leverage on the residents living in your community to get ad impressions that shops are looking for to make some serious money!
  • Brand Community
    Increase the value of your residence by branding your community as a modern, trend and well managed community with a unique web presence that incorporates both design and functionality for your community. Its the next big thing for residential