CFMS (Call Forwarding Management System)

CFMS (Call Forwarding Management System) –
Hosted and White Labeled with your Brand Name

DID number forwarding, iGhost, Inc. specialty since 2000. Time to share the lucrative opportunity with you through the CFMS Call Forwarding Management System hosted wholesale re-branded total solution.

CFMS is your headache-free DID sales, management and control in a turnkey system to start your business within 7 days.

System Features you get to manage:
» Admin
» CRM such as refer a friend, user verification, due amount max before suspension
» Block list of ringto and email domains to avoid fraud
» DID and termination account settings
» DID wholesale to retail markup, termination wholesale to retail markup
» Choose to sell by channels, minutes, talk time testing, DID from some or all countries available
» Payment options: Paypal, credit card via Linkpointcentral, 2checkout, Google Checkout
» Replace header footer images, banners, menus, and text 24/7
» Email and images
» Languages for header English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and more soon
» Advertisements and announcements viewed in enduser dashboard
» Reports
» Resellers
» Plans and services you wish to offer

Efficient 3 level system management.
1. Service Provider (CFMS Team at iGhost, Inc.)
2. Client Administration Area. (You)
3. End user management area. (Your End User)

1. Customer Direct Login
2. Client Administration Area.
3. Re-seller Login
4. Super User Login for service setting.

Services Offering
Empower your customers to set RINGTO:

» Calls to PSTN using your own routes.
» Calls to SIP
» Calls to IAX2
» Calls to H323
» Calls to MSN Messenger
» Calls to Yahoo Messenger
» Calls to Google Messenger
» Fax 2 Email
» Hosted IVR
» Virtual PBX

Super User Control Panel
Web-based with customized interfaces for managing service.

  • » Add Admin Users
  • » Add re-sellers
  • » View Sales and Other reports
  • » Change Rate plans
  • » Add Internal Tickets
  • » Send Emails to users
  • » Charge the customer
  • » Change Account status
  • » Suspend user account
  • » Delete any account
  • » Re-activate account
  • » Examples of reports available to you:
    * Sales Reports.
    * Payments due reports.

End user Portal
Client gets complete manageability of his/her account online.

  • » Client Signup
  • » Manage account
  • » Add phone Lines
  • » Remove phone Line
  • » Change ring to locations
  • » Add fax numbers
  • » View call logs
  • » Pay bills
  • » Change billing information
  • » Add funds to any phone line
  • » Communicate with you and keep a permanent history