Super Phone

Get a Virtual Telephone line to make or receive Phone calls.

Super Phone also gives you a SIP and IAX2 account for using with any SIP ata or soft-phone.

Subscription Charges

  • Per minute charge for outgoing calls
  • Monthly Charges 
  • Free unlimited Incoming calls

Advance Call Features

  • Call Forwarding
    Call forwarding (or call diverting) is a feature on Super-Phone network that allows an incoming call to a called party, which would be otherwise unavailable, to be redirected to a mobile telephone or other telephone number where the desired called party is situated.

    Call Forwarding Features that Super-Phone offers:
    1. Forward All Calls

    2. Forward No Answer
    3. Forward when Busy

  • Voice Mail
    Voice mail can take messages when you are not available to answer a call. You can play messages online in addition to listening to them from any phone.To listen to voice mail on your phone dial “123” and follow the instructions.
  • Service Interruption Forwarding
    If for any reason you are enable to receive calls or your service is down Super-Phone has a feature that allows you to forward the calls to Voice Mail or any other Phone number.
  • TFTP device manager
    you can configure your TFTP Device.
  • Account Balance Announcement
    When Account Balance Announcement is set to “On,” your account balance will be played to you before each outgoing call. After you dial a phone number, you will hear the announcement and then your call will be connected. To listen to balance on your phone, please dial ‘*100’.
  • Caller ID Manager
    You have the option to display or not display your Caller ID information to others when you make calls.
  • Virtual number ringer
    you can manage Manage numbers ringing that where your virtual number will ring.
  • Call waiting
    If a calling party places a call to a called party which is otherwise engaged, and the called party has the call waiting feature enabled, the called party is able to suspend the current telephone call and switch to the new incoming call (Typically, this is done by pushing the flash button), and can then negotiate with the new or the current caller an appropriate time to ring back if the message is important, or to quickly handle a separate incoming call. The feature will work only for call waiting supported phones.
  • Anonymous call blocking
    All incoming calls having Invalid or anonymous caller ids can be blocked.
    When a caller calls on any of your number, They will hear ” The Subscriber you are trying to reach does not accept Anonymous callers, Please call from a listed number, Thank You,