Health Management System

Health Management System has several precise advantages over other health related management systems in improving efficiency at all levels. Here’s what HMS can do to strengthen your health organisation and make life easy for patients, doctors and Lab assistant.

Current Features

  • Doctors workload can be streamlined and easy to access.
  • Test results prepared on time and it generate SMS alerts for patients, So he can collect it.
  • Better control over TestReports, as they are shared with doctors directly.
  • Up-to-date bed management and allocation procedures.
  • Easy access to patient’s clinical data for doctos.
  • Optimum return on resources.
  • Facilitates timely service and better care for patients.
  • Easy access to medical records for patients.
  • SMS alerts for taking medication, for patients.
  • User can donate blood & organs.
  • Anyone can get blood donation, if donor exists in our system & is in near location to him.

Doctors and other Health Professionals
Doctors can keep tracks of patients

  • Manage patients records from anywhere in the world.
  • Access and search patients medical history.
  • Get notification of upcoming appointments.
  • SMS & Email alerts to patients.
  • Queue System for Patients.
  • patients Reports.
  • Generate patient IDcard for next visit.

Patients can keep their medical history stored

  • Manage their medical history (diagnosis, medication, therapy, allergies etc).
  • View medical history.
  • Find health professional.
  • Share medical history with health professionals.
  • Organs or blood Donation.
  • Client APIs.

Lab Assistant
Labs can add and update reports anytime anywhere

  • Manage Reports
  • Email reports.
  • SMS alerts, when report is ready.
  • Share reports (Doctors & Patients).

Future Features

  • Health professionals will create their profiles with their specialisations, practice information, professional activities etc enabling easy patient access to appropiate professional.
  • Health professionals can publish papers and articles.
  • Patients family records can be linked.
  • All suggestions welcome.