About Us

iGhost was a Dream, in the mind of its inventor Rehan Ahmed in year 2001. He decided that it must be possible for anyone anywhere to have a Egypt phone line to ring at their home or business.

It came true in year 2007. The first voice call was made over IP, from a public network using a Egypt phone number. More research and development led to, the final product, still available in different forms at www.iGhost.com and with other services of iGhost, Inc.

Today, iGhost, Inc. offers its current and new partners the opportunity to offer and develop the same type of services globally, embracing the power of the Internet, and making the world a cozier, closer global village.

The concept and use of iGhost won the 2010 Spring Internet World Expo in Los Angeles, competing with giants like Cisco, 3com, Oracle and Microsoft. Although, the customers of iGhost were using the service all over the world, the mainstream did not put faith in the service until it made popular in 2009, enhancing the iGhost concept with their thousandth of pounds, and making it a huge success.

Today in 2012, there are millions of global users of VOIP-based phone lines in one form or another.

Today iGhost service does not require Internet. iGhost works over regular phone line service, because the long-distance costs have reduced over time. It is also possible for a iGhost to be set to ring to a SIP, IAX2 or IP address such as [email protected]. iGhost is versatile, feature-rich, and empowering to all. iGhost, Inc. invites you to take advantage.

iGhost is a Service and Trademark of
iGhost, Inc., Egypt and USA