Phone 2 Net

What is Phone 2 Net ?

Phone 2 Net offers Sip Trunking / DID number services over SIP, H323 and IAX2.

It also terminates calls to Instant Messaging Software like Google, MSN, and Gizmo Project.

Who is it for ?
Asterisk Users, SER Users, ITSP, VOIP, Calling Card Operators, ISP and PSTN adding VoIP, and IM service providers.

Is there a Signup Charge ?
No, You also get 1 FREE Number when you signup for 7 days, to Test and Try our services.

What is the QOS (Quality of service) guarantee?
Any DID not working for more than a specific time incurs; it will be FREE for you for 1 month.


  • Unlimited Incoming Calls
  • Money back guarantee
  • Low per monthly rates
  • Buy for your VOIP service
  • Become a global service provider instantly
  • Instant Number activation
  • 24 hrs Money Back Guarantee