Task manager

A Great method to track and manage tasks around the office.

  • Easy to use
  • Gives the manager full control on workflow
  • Saves time and money, works on any device

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Free! . Enjoy !


Using Task manager can manage tasks around the office .
Shows a simple workflow – you can use & customize your own after you understand the concept .

Cant deal with your tasks around the office?
use Task manager!

1. Create calendars: and share them with your office.
2. Post the tasks to the first calendar: 1- tasks to do.
3. When someone takes a task he changes calendar: 2-working on it.
4. Then Change it to 3-completed.
5. Task Completed Duration .
6. Hourly based performance .
7. Daily how many assigned and resolved.
8. Task Assignment via email..
9. Report of completed log to the person who assigned the task.
10. Request for checking of the completed task When the task is completed.
11. Complete search engine for all the past task’s and url’s .
12. Search by URL of the reported task if a web based task .
13. End of the month report, on how many tasks are completed, how many hours worked .
14. Dis-allowing of task’s for more than working hours on any given day by any manager.
15. Moving the task automatically to next day if the tasks are not completed on any given day.

You will know exactly when tasks are completed and by who !

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