Hosted IVR and Voice Services

Provide the information you want over the phone instantly in over 40 countries.
Use the Phone Cast Service and Phone Cast Your News over the Phone globally.
SuperIVR offers hosted voice IVR/ information service with the call capacity you need, without you installing hardware or software at your premises.
Start now, buy numbers, and upload as many as 1000 voice files via the Internet browser, making as complex an application menu structure as you like.

Try free while SuperIVR is in alpha mode.

* Numbers from100 UK area codes, 5000 United States area codes and 40+ Pakistani cities.
* Interchangeable unique voice greetings.
* Reporting.
* Support and monitoring.

Benefits of hosting:
* No capital outlay.
* No technical expertise required.
* Rapid time to market.
* No requirements for in-house infrastructure and the associated costs.
* Measurable return on your investment.
* 24/7 monitoring and technical support — we worry about everything so you don’t have to.