Carrier X

Carrier X offers you a complete wholesale management tool for your termination business, with free LCR, protocol conversion, instant CDR stored for up to 5 years online, and available for downloading.

Special Offer

  • US Termination in 0.0049 cents a minute
  • More than 70,000 area codes
  • White, CLI and stable routes with good stats

Your wholesale customers using Carrier X and you see the same CDRs so there is no chance of any dispute. All the CDRs are instantly online, and the billing is cut off, if the wholesale Carrier X buyer customers do not pay you.


Protocol Conversion
You can use Carrier X to convert your route From SIP to IAX2. No Extra Charge.

Instant Online Billing
You the Carrier X seller and your wholesale Carrier X customers view the same bill, instantly online.

5 Year CDR Record
We will keep the CDRs for up to 5 years.

Call routers
The Carrier X can Route the calls based on up to 20 numbers i.e. you can even route a direct number like 18005558355 via a particular carrier if you wanted to do that, and add upto 4 backup carrier on each route.

Own routes
Rather than paying your service provider for terminating your 1800 traffic, you can use Carrier X to terminate it free. Start sending your calls to [email protected]